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Master of Business Administration

Education Level: master programme
Language of Instruction: English
Degree: Master of Science in Business Administration
Duration: 1 year, 60 ECTS credits
Type: daytime education

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a one-year English-taught master degree programme with an international focus. It is designed to provide you with academic knowledge as well as hands-on expertise, enabling you to be successful in international management positions.

It is an English-taught Master degree programme recognised by the authorities of the Flemish Community in Belgium.

Students can choose one of three majors: International Business Management, Business Information Management or International Relations. Click on the titles below to get more information on the selected focus.

International Business Management

The MBA with a focus on International Business Management invites you to take a helicopter view of a wide range of intensive and specialized courses in all fields of relevance to managers. It helps you acquire the hands-on skills you need to pursue a management career in business.

Business Information Management

The MBA with a focus on Business Information Management is a mix of ICT strategy, information systems development, information systems management and infrastructure. It covers the development and management of information systems and related technologies in a business context.

International Relations 

The MBA with a focus on International Relations is embedded in the context of global economics and business life. It analyzes strategies of multinationals theoretically and practically. It covers international management and marketing techniques as well as international socio-economic analysis and monetary economics. Students get an insight into the role of governments in international relations and business.