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International Exchange

KU Leuven HUBrussel has a strong international focus with a flourishing participation of students and staff in exchange programmes. At KU Leuven HUBrussel, students and staff can participate in several exchange programmes. The most popular of these programmes are the Erasmus programme and the exchange programmes based on a bilateral agreement. Currently, KU Leuven HUBrussel has about 150 partners in more than 26 European countries in the frame of Erasmus (part of the EU integrated Lifelong Learning programme), as well as a limited number of academic partnerships outside Europe.

Your mobility is governed by a bilateral agreement between KU Leuven HUBrussel and your home institution, either within the framework of the Erasmus Programme or on the partners' own terms. In both cases, it means that in addition to home regulations, the education and exam regulations apply to you. The institution adheres to the Erasmus principles as set out by the European Commission. Owning the Erasmus Mobility Charter, the institution has engaged itself to adhere to the ECTS principles.

Depending on the terms of the bilateral agreement with your home institution, you can participate in an exchange from either the KU Leuven HUBrussel Academic Division or the HUB-KAHO Professional Education Division. Your exchange will be arranged by the relevant Mobility Office:

Mobility Office, Academic Division

  • Faculty of Economics & Business
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Law

Mobility Office, Professional Division

  • School of Business Studies
  • School of Education
  • School of Health Care
  • School of Social & Community Work