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Academic Programmes in English on the Brussels campus


Our new FEB English website as of 17 February 2014 is located here. Our new Faculty of Arts website can be found here.

Academic degree programmes in English in Brussels are taught at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB). On our Brussels campus there is also an advanced Master in Intellectual Property in English available from the Faculty of Law.

Studying in the capital of Europe

Our campus is located in central Brussels, ‘the capital of Europe’, a city hosting the European Commission, the European Parliament, NATO and many diplomatic missions and international organizations. In addition the many international firms and financial institutions that have their HQ in Brussels making the city one of the world’s biggest financial markets.

Due to the presence of those international organisations and companies, the population of Brussels is truly cosmopolitan.

Internationalisation as top priority

Our mission statement emphasizes internationalization as one of its top priorities. We encourages, establishes and maintains academic and professional relations with people, institutes, organizations and research centres of different countries and cultural backgrounds. 

Our programme has built up an impressive network of European partners, which enables student and faculty mobility, for example within the Life-Long Learning Programme.

Interact with us!

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Find out why you should study with us in Brussels in the following movies by professor Alea Fairchild and MIBEM student Sarah Virkler.