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Why study with us in Brussels?

Who are we?

We offer both professional and academic programmes, mainly in Dutch. Academic degree programmes in English are taught at the Faculty of Economics and Business as part of the KU Leuven (with our campus known as KU Leuven @ HUBrussel), and an advanced Master in Intellectual Property in English is available from the Faculty of Law, also as part of the KU Leuven.

A tradition of excellence

With over 50 years of accumulated experience, HUB belongs to the leading educational institutes in Europe. HUB represents quality, professionally oriented education and academic training in Brussels, the political and economic heart of the European Union. HUB introduced major educational innovations in Flanders. By introducing the bachelor-Master structure in its curriculum, HUB joined the new European Higher Education Environment. Simultaneously, HUB enhanced its academic standards by joining the university association with Flanders’ oldest university (KU Leuven).

Quality of education

In 1996, HUB (then known as EHSAL) was the first Belgian business school to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate for its consistently high level of academic quality and excellent service to students. HUB’s internationally-oriented education is highly recognized in international audits. From the European Commission, HUB obtained the European University Charter. This enables the exchange of students and lecturers. HUB also uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). NVAO, the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders, ensures the quality of HUB’s programmes by assessing and accrediting programmes. It so contributes to enhancing the quality.

Internationalisation as top priority

HUB’s mission statement emphasizes internationalization as one of its top priorities. HUB encourages, establishes and maintains academic and professional relations with people, institutes, organizations and research centres of different countries and cultural backgrounds. HUB has built up an impressive network of European partners, which enables student and faculty mobility, for example within the Life-Long Learning Programme.

Studying in the capital of Europe

HUB is located in several campuses in Brussels, surrounded by many European and international organisations. Brussels truly is ‘the capital of Europe’, hosting meetings and sessions of the European Commission, the European Parliament, NATO and many diplomatic missions and international organizations. In addition the many international firms and financial institutions that have their HQ in Brussels make the city one of the world’s biggest financial markets.

A cosmopolitan population

Due to the presence of those international organisations and companies, the population of Brussels is truly cosmopolitan. As each group brings its own culture and religion along, languages of all the corners of the world are spoken within a few square kilometers. Officially, Brussels has a bilingual status (Dutch-French), however English is fast becoming the lingua franca.